Our Story

Our Story

The House of Elliott Flowers was established 25 years ago by Karen McDowell and George Elliott.  Karen grew up with a background in flowers with both grandfathers being in the flower nursery business and her mum owning two flower shops, one in Lisburn and the other in Lurgan.

Karen moved to London at 16 years of age to train in a top London Florist, Moyses Stevens of Berkeley Square, London , W1.  Whilst here Karen obtained great knowledge and appreciation of the beauty of flowers and worked at some of the top London hotels, decorating sets for the BBC, lavish weddings and being personally flown to Jordan to decorate the late King Hussein and Queen Noor’s Palaces on numerous occasions.

Karen met George Elliott in London, where he too had a passion for the flower industry.  Working together they decided to move back to Northern Ireland and establish the House of Elliott Flowers.

We now have an excellent team on board and pride ourselves on a very high standard of work.  Having won and been twice runners-up in the gettting married in Northern Ireland magazine, for best wedding florists, we really do offer an exceptional service.

“Flowers really are a passion and it’s a passion here at House of Elliott we all love.”

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